Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal There’s a simplicity to powerlifting – how much can you lift, once? In front of an audience at Event City UK, the competitors enter the lifting stage – sometimes by strolling, sometimes by charging bull like – and focus all their body and soul on beating gravity’s influence on hundreds of kilos of […]

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PTs At Dawn

PTs AT DAWN A shoot with personal trainer Aaron Caton in the early morning mist. To get that sense of urgency in his expression Aaron would sprint a hundred or so metres away from the mark and back to get his heart going. The shoot was more or less an interval training session for him, […]

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Oh No It Isn’t

Oh No, It Isn’t! Panto: it’s great, because it’s fundamentally, cheerfully silly. The lack of pretence is a relief. It must be the least uptight form of entertainment on the planet, and that’s not an easy mark to hit.   These are cast members from the recent production of Cinderella at the Manchester Opera House. […]

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Genre bender: Pentax 645z

An affordable medium format camera, that behaves like a big DLSR. Affordable is a matter of perspective of course. You can buy three Canon 5d3 bodies for the cost of the Pentax. But until the Pentax came along, there was no half way house, functionally or financially, between the 35mm formats and the majesty of […]

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Junk Shrewd

Drew Pritchard, expert in antiques and salvage, at his house with wife Rebecca. His home is an exhibit in itself, with unexpected, characterful gems wherever you look. For the Sunday Times.

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1930 and Thriving

After spotting a portrait of pre-war prime minister Neville Chamberlain, I noticed how different the approach to portraits once was. His face was very nearly full to camera but with a flattering high angle. Most interestingly the eye line looked off into the distance, an affectation of the time – today subjects always expect to […]

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Promotion in the air

Thea Sheppard, TV presenter, photographed on location in Great John Street Hotel in Central Manchester – and Matt Arnold from Thrive Fitness, photographed at RX Gym in South Manchester. Different lighting styles for two very different professions.

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Walk of Hope for the Christie Hospital

Scenes over the course of the Walk of Hope, a serene event the Christie Charity hold for people who’ve been affected by cancer. It takes place at Tatton Park in Knustsford, and along the walk participants can write messages to loved ones on white rocks which are then cast into the mere. Later on, at […]

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