John’s Lotus

John’s Lotus

Disgrunted John Parker owns a Lotus Elise that rattles, but he showed me the ropes down a windy Preston B road in it anyway. Once the engine was warm enough John steadily put the hammer down and down, and the little Lotus was straightening tight corners and eating scenery at an alarming rate.

Sure enough though as we went faster still, an unfamiliar noise became noticeable in the cabin. I then realised ‘Oh. That’s what I sound like when I’m yelping’.

When you get a fast Merc you can specify options like satnav, air conditioning, walnut dash, or night vision. On a Lotus you can option carpet, a stereo you’ll certainly never hear since it competes with a supercharged engine stashed directly behind your ears, and a single cup holder for the coffee you’ll probably spill anyway. I want.

Featured in the latest edition of Auto Express.

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