Shooting shorts on a Canon 5dmk2

Shooting shorts on a Canon 5dmk2

Bar scene, and scene on a running track.

These are two scenes I shot for an amateur short called ‘The Track’ which found itself cripplingly short of a cinematographer and kit on one of the shooting days -and I stepped in almost by accident. It’s written by Dave Pilling. directed by his brother Steve, and about a runner who finds himself out of his comfort zone (in short).

I bought my 5D mk2 a year ago knowing that it shot video, and potentially through lovely pro lenses, but short of one experimental day at the pub and one in Abersoch, never really used it for anything in particular. This was my first crack at it, and I’ve put an edit together of the footage from these two scenes – without audio I might add, since the on-board audio is so awful it’s distracting. Sorry for the intrusive trial software watermark.

Nerdy extra fact – since we had no proper constant lighting, the bar scene was lit by the modelling lamp on a Bowens Esprit 500..

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