Day: January 31, 2012


Production of the pantomime Cinderella at the Manchester Opera House. Panto surely has to be among the oldest forms of entertainment – bawdy jokes, camp men in drag and cries of ‘it’s behind you’ must’ve been running in a more or less identical form for centuries, and it’s testament only to the commitment and energy […]

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The Metalworks

Mather Foundry in Ardwick. These pictures are part of a portfolio gathered over around half a dozen visits, each time coming back slightly singed and smelling of metal dust. It’s good to know that not everyone out there works in an office. When I wasn’t recording the drama of molten metal or clouds of sparks, […]

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< Pictures taken during a trip to Morocco. Marrakech was difficult to take decent pictures in since, frankly, no one leaves you alone. You almost think that if it weren’t for the tourists there’d be no Marrakech at all. However the port town of Essaouira, a short ride away by bus, has plenty of interesting […]

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