This is Greater Manchester

This is Greater Manchester

A project for the NHS which wanted not just landmarks from the ten districts, but also people and portraits. There’s a barmaid from the Boar’s Head Inn in Middleton here, a couple from the BBC’s new home Salford Quays, Hollingworth Lake up in Rochdale, Lyme Park in Stockport, and a couple of traders from Bury Market, and some more obvious ones mixed in. That the project was for the NHS probably inclined people in my favour, but I found that as long as you approached them camera around neck and said ‘I need someone to be in a picture..’ they didn’t mistake you for a charity mugger.

I’ve also gathered some interesting views on ethnicity – from a Pakistani man who loved being in the UK because we practice equal rights here, to a talkative woman found on a hill in Oldham who reckoned it’s just the unattractive Asian women who are made to wear burkas. After all, in Oldham, she said, some women you wouldn’t leave the house with unless they had a bag over their head first. (She wasn’t being serious, before anyone gets the hump).

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