Whistleblower Shiban Ahmed

Whistleblower Shiban Ahmed



Photographed at his home in South Manchester, NHS whistle blower Dr Shiban Ahmed. Dr Ahmed has accused the NHS of cruel and unsafe practices regarding the circumcision of boys by unsafe GPs. This story was for an article in the Sunday Times.

Lit with 3 Profoto B1s. Although they’re a lot heavier than my previous kit (The Quadra Ranger system) they nonetheless go up and come down a lot quicker, since there’s less assembly and no cabling to get tangled up in -you just clip in the battery and off you go. Handy when you’re in a rush.

This was the first job where I used Profoto’s expensive but very versatile grid kit. Put over the usual reflector you get a nice clip light that’s a much more versatile solution than the snoot I previously used.

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