Oh No It Isn’t

Oh No It Isn’t

Oh No, It Isn’t!

Panto: it’s great, because it’s fundamentally, cheerfully silly. The lack of pretence is a relief. It must be the least uptight form of entertainment on the planet, and that’s not an easy mark to hit.




These are cast members from the recent production of Cinderella at the Manchester Opera House. Eloise Davies as the bubbly Cinderella, Samuel Holmes as the prince’s loyal and confident valet Dandini, Andre Vincent as the upbeat Buttons and Dave Lynn as one of the odious Ugly Sisters. My idea was along these lines: what are these broad characters – not the actors, I stress – like when they’re not in the public eye?




So, they’ve all been cast against type. Cinderella becomes a shrew, Dandini a malcontent, and Buttons is downbeat: meanwhile the raucous and crude Ugly Sister cultivates a glamorous Gloria Swanson-style existence.




Shot on a Pentax 645z (several months after purchase, still surprising me) and lit with 4 Profoto B1s – 2×2 softbox for key and grids for shape. The background to these pictures is wood panelling found at the Opera House, cross-lit with a reflector and grid. I had a charcoal backdrop with me as a safe option, but this worked better for me.


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