David and Sheila Blyth

The two above, photographed for an article on pensions for the Sunday Times. They live in Southport, and in pioneering spirit we headed out to the promenade for some of the portraits. The wind blowing in was so strong I had to take my pictures near railings, so I could cable tie my lights to […]

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These pictures were taken during a week in Havana and two days spent in a quiet town nearby called Vinales. I won’t splurge on hyperbole, so I’ll finish by saying I was very reluctant to leave…

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Knowledge is power

Entrepreneur Peter Darwell, a multimillionaire involved in green energy, photographed for the Fame and Fortune section of the Sunday Times. I was so sure they’d use the reindeer picture…

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Nick & Elise’s wedding

All the way over in Newcastle, the day started at Elise’s parents’ house, then the bride and wedding party were transported via vintage bus first to church, and then to Baltic for the reception – a venue which is right opposite the Millennium Bridge, making at least one portrait there essential. The day was very […]

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Meet the bloggers

For an article on ‘Women on the Internet’, Sally and her daughter Flea, 7, are both bloggers. Sally writes ‘The Anti-Mummy Blog’ and Flea writes about matters relevant to 7 year olds – both have a strong following. You can read Flea’s incredibly cool blog on our photo session here. I recommend her ‘About Me’ […]

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