Bubble Boy

Guy Pearce (no relation) with mum Gaynor. Guy was born with a genetic disease known as Baby in a Bubble Syndrome, or more scientifically as Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which made Guy allergic to everything. He’s since received groundbreaking gene therapy for the condition, and is now an energetic, personable, bonkers six year old […]

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I Tudor Wasp

In a dressing up day at Dunham Massey, 4 year old Geraint Eunson’s haughty expression led me to believe he could be Henry VIII’s Mini-Me. With him is volunteer Barbara Foster.

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Chick with kicks

Lauren Tutty, 14 years old from Sale in Trafford, is an English and British karate champion and will be going to Malaysia later in the year to represent England. Though she’s fully entitled to be otherwise, Lauren was rather retiring about her abilities and would rather ‘people didn’t know’. She shouldn’t be so good at […]

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Calumet’s flash triggers.. first impressions

(Firstly, if you’re not interested in off-camera flash, do yourself a favour and don’t read this.) When you begin to learn about how wonderful off camera Speedlite flash is, but how unreliable infra-red triggers are (line of sight, baffled by sunlight), the only other credible option has been Pocket Wizards. They’re radio triggered and are […]

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Baba, dabba, boo

Eve Bell runs a company called Baba and Boo which makes funky shoes and reusable nappies for babies. Animal print nappy modelled by her own daughter here, Louise – 2 years old. Let’s hope Eve is showing this picture to her daughter’s friends for the rest of her life.

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About this photographer

I’m Phil Tragen, based in Manchester and I take pictures for a living. I use this blog to get my pictures seen by as many people as possible – anything from personal picture essays to news features. I think a good picture is one that turns something everyday into something extraordinary, and that’s what I’m […]

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