Mark & Linzi marry in Morecambe Bay

Mark and Linzi married June 18th at St Peter’s Church in Morecambe. Near the church there’s a cliff overlooking Morecambe Bay where there are some ruins, which must be a focal point for anyone getting married there. (Black Sabbath had a shoot there once too.)

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Back to local news..

Local news stories often aren’t really stories at all. Last week among my jobs were snapping a Zumbathon – a classroom full of sweaty women in leotards, half an hour into their workout and so happy to see me – and a school fun day, which included some tiny people putting their ballet shoes on […]

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My kit’s rubbish

Hired a lens for a job where swinging a 70-200 beige thermos flask thing might be a too ostentatious, so I hired a a smaller prime lens – the Canon 135mm f2. Having never used it before I took it to the park and snapped a few portraits of my housemate Tom. Of course I […]

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Shooting shorts on a Canon 5dmk2

Bar scene, and scene on a running track. These are two scenes I shot for an amateur short called ‘The Track’ which found itself cripplingly short of a cinematographer and kit on one of the shooting days -and I stepped in almost by accident. It’s written by Dave Pilling. directed by his brother Steve, and […]

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In all good music stores

Back in April I posted this update (clever HTMLing there) about Ksenija  – a classical accordionist I photographed in central London, to get some portraits for her album sleeve. A few copies of the album arrived in the post today – here’s what it looks like.  

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