Test tube crazy

Pictures from a Liverpool Life Sciences University Technical College for an article in last week’s Sunday Times. Looking for a good starting block for a photo along the tour of the facility, we came across Rigsby and Sarah, 16 & 18. Neither of them have a great record in education – Rigsby has one GCSE […]

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Supermarket sweep

Selects from a large project for Miller’s Vanguard, a company responsible for maintaining baking equipment in some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, both the giant out-of-town sites and the smaller local ones. Supermarket interiors aren’t known for their photogenic properties, so absolutely every picture needed a lighting scheme to give it shape and depth – […]

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Clean cut

Jane Robinson, co-founder of Cutting Technologies in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. They’re hi-tech laser engravers who’ve chosen to invest in new equipment this year, following a cautious period during the downturn. Case study for the Sunday Times.

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Cell of the century

Portrait of 17 year old Victoria Rathmill, the world’s youngest stem cell donor. Since she learned that she’d donated so young, her life had changed a bit over the course of a week, and I wanted to do a portrait somewhere a teenager might feel at home – I found this milkshake and burger bar […]

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Shoes, by Tivydale

A shoot designed to show off Susannah Wright’s new shoe range, designed by her and modeled by Kate and Anisa from Cliche Model Management, and makeup by Rebecca Anderton. Shot around the Lowry Hotel, Manchester. Was interested to find out how my typically practical style would gel with the considerations of a fashion shoot – […]

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Taking place in Albert Square outside Manchester’s Town Hall, Diwali turned this public spot into a faraway land. Food, dance shows and colour occupied the programme, and a colourful procession culminated in a spectacular firework display over the town hall.

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