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Freelance Photography, in a time of plague

Photographers are by and large sitting on their thumbs right now. If your clients are events companies, universities, restaurants, theatres, if you shoot weddings or parties, if you’ve airline clients or tourism, I bet your phone hasn’t rung for 2 months. I’ve had emails from clients and they’ve had emails from me, but mostly we’ve […]

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Do Tests Matter?

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and the like all go through a sort of basic training at university, and end up with a degree that shows they’ve got the skillset to enter their field as a rookie. Once in their field they can specialise by sitting more exams – I’ve not sat any of those since […]

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Test tube crazy

Pictures from a Liverpool Life Sciences University Technical College for an article in last week’s Sunday Times. Looking for a good starting block for a photo along the tour of the facility, we came across Rigsby and Sarah, 16 & 18. Neither of them have a great record in education – Rigsby has one GCSE […]

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Here’s the small class I’ve had at Stockport Academy. The class is called ‘Enrichment’, and the aim is to introduce the pupils to new ideas outside of what the school can provide. I’ve been there the last three weeks, for just an hour a week, explaining the basics of putting together a news picture. They’ve […]

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Fee for all

Pictures from Edge Hill University, appearing in The Times for its decision to raise fees above cost to give a better service to students. Edge Hill has an attractive campus with some classic looking spots and some more funky modern ones. Visible here is Vice Chancellor John Cater on the lawn outside the main building, […]

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