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One Foot in the Rave

An introduction… these are pictures from the aptly named ‘Hardcore Till I Die’ or HTID event that took place in Newquay this weekend. I knew about rave back in the mid-90s and it seems little has changed – the style of MCing is the same, people bring anything fluorescent, and the 180 beats per minute […]

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In all good music stores

Back in April I posted this update (clever HTMLing there) about Ksenija  – a classical accordionist I photographed in central London, to get some portraits for her album sleeve. A few copies of the album arrived in the post today – here’s what it looks like.  

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Ksenija – an accordionist, but keep reading

The idea of a portrait of someone with an accordion – which in my head is just a large, black box – turned out to be easier than I thought, especially considering the accordion in question is quite attractive and costs more than my education. Ksenija is from Riga, is a classical accordionist – not […]

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