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New Lifestyle Work – Jul 2018

I’ve owned a Pentax 645z for a while and couldn’t rate it highly enough, but with one small problem. The flash sync speed sucks. It’s got these beautifully sharp files with gorgeous tones but you just can’t sync with flash past 1/125th and that rules most things that aren’t stood still, or portraits with a […]

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Run Wild, Run Free

Freerunner Richard Squires on the Liverpool waterfront. The Profoto B1s have the high-speed sync function, which I was keen to exercise. I don’t work much with subjects in motion, and have always been limited to a shutter speed of 1/160th, which isn’t fast enough to freeze quick motions. Being able to chop my exposures to […]

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Cycle of life

Chris Hoy, well established cyclist and Lucy Garner, promising new athlete on the cusp of a great career. Recently Chris has been mentoring talented young cyclists like Garner as part of the Sky Academy Sports Programme. This shoot was shoehorned into a Sky shooting schedule, a media schedule and a racing schedule, and as such […]

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